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We have contacted leaflet companies in the past and they will only take orders of 5000 or more. This is too much for us not only financially but also in terms of coping with the extra demand! Could you deliver smaller batches of leaflets?

Of course- at SW Distribution we will accept orders for delivery of as little as 1000 leaflets. We understand that some companies do not have the capacity to cope with the response from a larger delivery. All customer orders are important to us at SW Distribution, no matter how big or small!


How much notice will I have to give to book a distribution?

We usually require 2 weeks notice for Solus, but for a shared delivery we may be able to fit it in sooner depending on our workload. Just give us a ring and we will endevour to process your order as quickly as possible.


How do I know my leaflets have been delivered?

We understand this is an important issue, so -

  • We will inform you when our team commences deliveries
  • Doorstep backchecks will be made within 24 hours to gain positive research

How do I get my leaflets to SW Distribution?

We accept deliveries at our storage facility just off the A6 (Abbey Lane) on Beaumanor Rd in Leicester. Also as we are always somewhere in and around Leicester we can usually collect leaflets from our clients free of charge!

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